The Best Real Tattoos For Women February 11 2017


Don't get us wrong - we avoid commitment like the plague, hence our mission is to provide amazing body art that looks and feels like a tattoo, but we can easily remove at any time. But we've identified designs that are either chic, minimalist, meaningful or sexy enough that we can get behind them. 

Mandala Tattoo

Mandalas are not only beautiful - they represent the universe in Sanskrit. Check out the temp ones in our Yoga Collection.

Love Tattoo

We're loving this Roman Numerals tattoo of your wedding date #hotcouplealert

Love Tattoo

To us, a bird tattoo represents freedom and lightness. And it's a good excuse to work on your traps.

Tribal Tattoo

Go for tribal chic with delicate geometric arrows, lines and other shapes. 

Smile Tattoo

A clever tattoo for any photographer, this "smile" finger tat is witty and cute.

Spine Arrow Tattoo

We love this arrow spine tattoo becuase it's sexy, subtle, and simple all at once.

Hamsa Tattoo

The Hamsa represents the Hand of God and is a protective sign across all faiths. TribeTats offers the temporary versions in both black and white.  

Pineapple Tattoo

The pineapple is a welcoming symbol in many cultures. We offer a super cute gold and silver one in our Beach Collection

Baby Elephants Tattoo

Sensitive and family-oriented, elephants are one of our favorite creatures on earth. Check out the temporary ones in our Yoga Collection.

Love Tattoo

Because love is everything, choose it every time. PS - did you know there's a Love Parade in NYC?

Bracelet Tattoo

Never worry about losing your nice jewelry again... it's literally attached to your body.

Finger Tattoo

Barely perceptible, this finger tattoo is a perfect subtle complement to your ring stacks and fave polish.