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Our Customers Are Saying...

"TribeTats shine like real jewelry, and the colors are perfect. We were able to share them with everyone in our group, and they went well with everyone's skin type and tone." - Dez (New York), October 2015

"These are great conversation starters! I've gotten stopped by tons of people so far admiring them and asking where they can purchase." - Tonya (LA), May 2015

"These were recommended to me by my clothing stylist... little did I know they would become my (and my daughter's) favorite accessory of the summer! These come in rose gold, they are all perforated -no tearing without scissors around - and they stay on twice as long than any we've found before. I know a few places have come out with knock-offs of these but get these.... they are the BEST! Thank you TribeTats!" - Happy Mom, August 2015