TribeTats Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the team at TribeTats?
Please email us at CUSTOMERLOVE@TRIBETATS.COM or call our customer support line at 844-77-TRIBE. If we are busy or on another call, leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For wholesale or custom inquiries, email

What does your brand name mean?
"Tribe" is a symbol of friendship and companionship: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.

When did TribeTats start?
TribeTats started in 2014 and is run by female entrepreneurs in New York City.

How are TribeTats different from other temporary tattoo brands?

-Premium adhesive
-Fold-and-tear sheets - no scissors required
-Proprietary remover available
-Resembles real jewelry on the skin
-Versatile enough for both adults and children

How do you apply TribeTats?
TribeTats are very easy to apply, with fold-and-tear sheets – no scissors required.
1. Fold the sheet perforation and separate the desired tattoo; remove the protective film
2. Place the printed side face down on clean, dry skin; place a wet cloth over the tattoo and hold it down for 30 seconds
3. Carefully peel off the paper and allow the tattoo to completely dry before touching

How long do TribeTats last?
TribeTats are temporary and last up to 1 week depending on your skin chemistry - everyone is different! You can extend how long they last by avoiding oily body lotions, using oil free sunscreen, and minimizing direct rubbing. TribeTats are water- and soap-resistant.

How do I remove my TribeTats?
To remove your tattoos, use TribeTats Metallic Tattoo Remover (sold separately in box of 24 individually packaged wipes). Wipe towelette over tattoo gently and repeat as necessary. If you do not have our remover, baby oil or rubbing alcohol will suffice, but do not work as quickly and hassle-free as the remover solution we've developed.

Are TribeTats safe to wear?
Yes - TribeTats are non-toxic. However, do not apply to sensitive skin nor near your eyes, do not ingest, and do not use if you are allergic to adhesives.

Can I use TribeTats with my kids?
Absolutely! Many of our customers are young hip moms who use them as a fun activity to do together with their kids.