Bachelorette Weekend Packing List: The Party Essentials

Whether you’re going to the beach or heading to the city, we’ve prepared the ultimate packing list to make the most of your party. Trust us, we won’t disappoint you.

Clothes: A Little Black Dress

Yes, you do need comfortable shoes to travel, a maxi dress or cover-up for the beach if you’re heading there, but no matter where you’re going there’s bound to be a party! A little black dress is the perfect outfit to enjoy some cocktails. You can never go wrong with this fashion staple.

We love this Lattice Dress by Jessica Simpson (featured).

Accessories: Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential - they can protect your eyes, make you look amazing and hide your hangover all at once. Plus - if the party lasts until the sun rises, you may want to be prepared to wear them in the morning. Personally, we never go out without sunglasses - you just never know!

Bach Swag: TribeTats Bachelorette Tattoos

TribeTats not only make amazing party favors, they let you tap into your creative side and tat up your tribe with matching body art for the weekend! Our Bride Tribe Bachelorette Tattoos Collection comes in metallic rose gold and can dress up with any outfit or dress down for a day at the pool. Designs include, Bride Bride Tribe, MOH, Future Trophy Wife, I Do Crew, Bride's Betch & more. Talk about #squadgoals, right?

Hint: You can also make your own custom temporary tattoos for your bach + wedding!

Toiletries: Dry Shampoo

Let’s imagine you don’t have the time or energy to wash your hair (aka, every day): the answer is dry shampoo! It comes in spray or powder, and it’s a lifesaver, soaking up oil from your roots and leaving a nice smell. A few sprays and you’re ready to go.

Documents: Driver’s License

Some (most) of us are over 21, but bartenders are still going to ask. Don’t get barred from the bar! Remember to take your driver’s license, credit and/or debit card (not that you'll be paying for drinks this weekend).

Recovery Kit: Emergen-C and Advil

Don’t let pain stop you from partying! Emergen-C is packed with Vitamin C and other antioxidants. Ibuprofen, on the other hand, is an anti inflammatory drug that will help your liver recover, and will help you power through on day 2 or 3. We also love HHC vapes to feel better the next morning, and Delta 8 gummies for getting a good night's sleep the night you get home from your big weekend! 

Extras: Portable Speakers

From pregaming to pool partying to sharing a sunset cocktail on the beach, music always adds to the ambiance and you don't want to end up with your bride tribe without tunes! This is when portable speakers come in handy. Nowadays, they are super small, come in a variety of colors and are water-proof. Yay to a dj set on the spot!

One Last Extra Tip: A Good Old Pen

Of course our bride found her true love, but what about the rest? If you are still single and open to dating, be ready to exchange your number the old way. Chances are your phone might be dead. Or, if you don't want to give him your real number, its easier to lie with a pen and paper :)


By TribeTats Editorial Contributor Pam Flores-Lowry

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