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Degelis Tufts

As part of our brand, we like to recognize a wide range of influential and inspiring female entrepreneurs, designers and creators. For this profile, we interviewed our own Degelis Tufts, who after starting TribeTats subsequently started a leading CBD brand, TribeTokes

Question: When and why did you create TribeTokes?

Back in 2016, there was a wave of cannabis legalization on the horizon, and many branded products in the market were branded for stoners and alienating to women. We wanted to create something high end for the next generation consumer - who respects plant science and expects premium products for trusted brands. 

What were your first blockbuster products?

We felt there was an unmet need for "dispensary grade" CBD vape oils that were lab tested and did not contain any unhealthy fillers. We launched high end  full gram cartridges as well as "starter kits" where you can purchase a battery and cartridge together. We also started a line of Delta 8 Vapes that is extremely popular. 

What makes your vape products different?

In addition to quality, we also launched our vapes in best selling strains - which is in line with our brand to embrace the cannabis culture but also different CBD strain profiles can help people reach different therapeutic effects. For example, Mango Haze (Sativa) is a light and fruity flavor profile and is great for daytime use.  The Juicy Fruit strain can help boost your mood. Sour Tsunami is known to be effective at treating pain and inflammation. 

What is your favorite strain?

That is like choosing between my children :) but I usually choose an indica cartridge (the remedy) or a hybrid cartridge (juicy fruit) as I like to use CBD for insomnia and winding down at night. 

What makes you get out of bed every morning?

Honestly, when we get positive feedback from our customers that our product is helping them, it makes all of the hard work worth it! I've gotten multiple messages recently about our CBD pain cream - one personal trainer told us it's been a game changer for back pain, and an older woman was able to use it as a muscle pain relief cream that helped her reduce her prescription pain medication dosage! A younger customer who is a jetsetter told us our vapes are the only thing that helps him with jet lag. 

Follow tribetokes on instagram at @tribetokes and @tribebrands for more on CBD, wellness and the cannabis community in New York City! 

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