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Iana Velez

As part of our brand, we like to recognize a wide range of influential and inspiring female entrepreneurs, designers and creators. For this profile, we interviewed Iana Velez, an artistic woman who is living her dream! :)

Iana is the owner and Editor in Chief of NY YOGA LIFE magazine. The magazine is a print magazine that celebrates NY yoga, culture, and lifestyle. Iana specializes in Art Direction and design. In addition to running her magazine, Iana also works full time as an Art Director for CBS This Morning. Iana calls NY YOGA LIFE her “passion project.”  “It allows me to celebrate my love for yoga, my hometown of NYC, and design all in one place.” It’s her dream come true!

Who in your industry do you admire- who has influenced you?

My team is my greatest influence. We have a strong group of 8 women who all work full time jobs and volunteer their time to help grow and shape NY YOGA LIFE. People that volunteer their time are the most passionate, you really have to love something to do it for free.

Where do you go/what do you do in order to do your most creative work?

For me, the key is not so much where I go, but to keep moving in general. I need to keep my mind constantly exploring to help keep the creativity flowing.

If you could recommend one book or documentary, what would it be?

I have been obsessed with podcasts lately, since sitting down to read a book is not easy for me with my schedule. I love, love, How I Built This,” by Guy Raz on NPR- it has changed my world.

What trend in your industry excite you the most?

I love all these apps that spark creativity and make it accessible to everyone. Years ago I got into working digitally because I was frustrated by my inability to express myself creatively since I did not have traditional art skills. I couldn’t draw or paint and it used to be that you needed to learn complicated software like photoshop or aftereffects to create anything at all. Now, anyone can animate and manipulate images within minutes- and for a few dollars on their phones! It is amazing to see what people can create with apps.

What are your essentials for a productive day?

About four skim cortados a day!

What was the best piece of advice you have been given?

The advice I give myself on a daily basis, everything has to fulfill any two of three criteria for me to do it: be fun, be educational, be profitable.  

What is one product or service under $200 that you’ve found in the past year that has changed your life?

I have no idea, ha ha… would Spotify count? Gone is crappy music with commercials and for a mere $14 a month

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