Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos are an awesome way to show self expression; they’re full of deeper meaning and let’s face it they look really pretty. And hey, did you know it’s one of the top tattoo designs of 2017?

You can have a tiny arrow on your wrist or one huge arrow piece that stretches the length of your arm, and still keep its wild charm. And the type of arrow tattoo you choose represents anything from struggle, to friendship or even protection.

When you don an arrow tattoo you’re making a unique statement about where your life is headed.

Meaning Of Arrow Tattoos

The arrow tattoo has many meanings depending on what design you go for. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Single Arrow: Protection from harm
  • Downward pointing arrow: In Native American culture means peace
  • Feathered arrow: Triumph and independence
  • Crossed Arrow: Friendship
  • Arrow on a bow: Struggle and tension
  • Arrow through a heart: Love, cupid's arrow
  • Left Pointing Arrow: To chase something from you

Celebs Who Have Arrow Tattoos

Plenty of celebs have decorated their bodies with arrow tattoo symbols with different sizes, placements and meanings.

Rita Ora has a small bow and arrow behind her ear, which symbolises struggle and tension (featured here). Miley Cyrus has the classic crossed arrows which stand for friendship. And celebrities like Ryan Phillippe have opted for larger beautiful designs that span their forearms.

Rita Ora arrow tattoo

Our Collections With Arrow Tattoos

Here are a couple of our customers' favorite TribeTats Collections that include arrow tattoos - all of which you can purchase in our shop.  

Have something specific in mind? You can order your own custom arrow tattoo design through TribeTats!

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