Design Your Own Tattoo

Musings on how to design your own tattoo from a guy who fell in love with the founder of a temporary tattoo company.

When I was a kid I had a chat with my father about getting tattoos. My dad and I both agreed that we were not in any rush to get a tattoo, but if we ever did get one we would get one together! Later on in life I fell in love with the founder of a temporary tattoo company (you guessed it - TribeTats) which put a curve ball in wanting to design my own permanent tattoo, but more on that later.

Greg Pilla As A Kiddo

^ Me as a kiddo

Throughout the years I’ve continued to ask myself the key questions about figuring out what kind of tattoo I would want? Essentially - how do you design your own tattoo!?!

Question: What celebrity tattoos do I really like?

Lady Gaga! Her tattoos are elegant. I’m not talking about one tattoo in particular but just the entire design seems to flow around her body. I love it...but maybe that is more applicable to what tattoos I like on girls which is for another blog post.  

Lady Gaga Shoulder Tattoo

Question: What would be meaningful to me?

I was on a ship once with a professional fisherman. He had a tattoo of a well designed compass across his upper back. Each point of the compass had some sort of sea gods or monsters that were bad ass.

The tattoos seemed fitting and represented his life's work - what symbol would that be for me?

Nautical Compass Wrist Tattoo

Then there were all the other endless questions:

  • Would I try to design the tattoo myself? Or, who do I know that is an artist that can help me?
  • Do I want a quote tattoo - or some kind of image?
  • Where would I put it?
  • What will my kids think of this tattoo someday? Will I regret it?

AHHHH! Everytime I think about it my brain hurts!

Degelis Tufts and Greg Pilla

^Rocking a hamsa arm tattoo for a costume party in NYC from the Onyx Collection.

Then one day Degelis, the founder of the metallic tattoos company Tribetats, dropped out of the sky and we fell in love.

My search was over!

It’s not that I don’t admire permanent tattoos, it's just that now I can have different tattoos every week and never be stuck with one for life, and I can even design my own tattoo anytime I want with Tribetats custom!

So did I ever get that tattoo with my dad? No.

You are probably thinking, what’s the moral of this story?

I’m thinking the same thing.

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